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Digitalized attendance

Put an end to repetitive tasks and chasing students, and simplify your attendance processes with our solutions.

Document management 

From attendance generation to PDF document signature and EDM management, SoWeSign brings it all together in one tool.

Training evaluation

We now offer you the possibility of evaluating your training courses using the Kirkpatrick method.

Connectivity first

Thanks to our partnerships and our open API, all your training management tools can be connected to save you time!

SoWeSoft, the expert in digital sign-offs and evaluations.

SoWeSign, digital sign-off for everyone

Are you fed up with all those sheets to sign, have signed, find, check and file? So are we, which is why today we're simplifying your life!
signature mode
Because we don't like wasting time either, we're constantly optimizing our methods for importing your data into our software. You can import your training data by hand, using our predefined Google Sheets, an Excel file or your training ERP.
Data import
Managers benefit from an online web interface, which we call "the manager", for updating the repository, tracking sessions, adding documents and generating attendance sheets.
training supervision
Since June 1, 2020, the Ministry of Labor has introduced a model Certificate of Completion for training actions, skills assessments, VAE actions and apprenticeship training actions.
Certificate of completion
In addition to digital signatures, SoWeSign offers online signing of your PDF documents: contracts, agreements and quotations.
Signing PDFs online
Find all your attendances, contracts, agreements and other supporting documents in a single, dedicated training EDM!
Electronic document management
From paper to digital attendance sheets. How have processes evolved in recent years?
digital attendance

SoWeSkill, at the heart of evaluation

You can measure training evaluation with models based on the Kirkpatrick© model. From collection to analysis, everything is automated. We're the only ones to offer it.
training evaluation
SoWeSkill is much more than just a training management tool. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, it actively contributes to improving the quality of the training provided within your company. Discover how SoWeSkill can transform your approach to training and help you achieve your professional development objectives.
Quality improvement
Cold evaluation is an essential step in the training assessment process, in line with the Kirkpatrick model. With the SoWeSkill solution, this step becomes a powerful tool for measuring the long-term impact of training programs on learners and on the organization as a whole.
Training effectiveness
SoWeSkill facilitates the continuous monitoring of your employees' skills throughout their training career. By centralizing data on skills acquired, certifications obtained and assessments carried out, you gain a complete overview of the evolution of each individual's skills. This proactive approach enables you to identify individual training needs and propose tailor-made development actions, helping to strengthen key skills within your organization.
training evaluation
SoWeSkill's powerful analysis tools enable you to go beyond simple scores to get a clear, detailed view of your assessment results. You can identify trends, gaps between objectives and results, and potential areas for improvement. This detailed analysis helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your training programs, so you can adjust your pedagogical approach and optimize your team's overall performance.
Monitoring and control
You want questions that address all your quality issues. Current questionnaires don't provide enough data to assess the quality of your training courses. Adapting questionnaires to target all your stakeholders is a challenge. SoWeSkill is the solution!
Customized questionnaires
Because we don't like wasting time either, we're constantly optimizing our methods for importing your data into our software. You can import your training data by hand, from a CSV file, or from your training ERP.
Data import
Since the introduction of the 2019 decree, active since January 1, 2022, the quest for Qualiopi certification has become an unavoidable step for training organizations. However, the demanding and time-consuming process that follows can seem daunting.

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