It all began in 2017, with the signing of the first region, Pays de la Loire. Today, the digitization of the enrolment process is active in several regions of France. Training management platforms are used by these different Regions. SoWeSign has therefore designed a universal interfacing solution for these different solutions: 

  • Atexo

    A partnership with publisher Atexo around the FORPRO platform used by many regions.

  • Safran

    An optimized interface with the SAFRan solution from Région Sud - PACA.


    Des API sur-mesure pour interfacer les outils spécifiques comme ATHENA2

  • argos

    Une intégration simple et rapide possible avec ARGOS des Hauts de France.


Using SoWeSign outside a regional context

The solution can also be used for trainees from outside the region. In this case, they must be financed by OPCOs, Pôle emploi, CPF, companies or themselves. The proposed partnership with the Regions consists of making a SoWeSign work environment available to their OFs. This environment distinguishes trainees financed by the Regions from the organization's other trainees.

I would like to find out about the digital sign-in procedures in my region.


A scalable and secure solution in the RGPD context

The major advantage of the SoWeSign solution lies in the pooling of developments and upgrades. By using the digital enrolment solution, all training organizations benefit from the same improvements and security features. And this over time, whether or not they receive regional funding.

What does the law say about signing in?


The SoWeSign digitization solution runs on the latest Android and iOs (Apple) smartphones. It also works on all types of tablet, including Surface. But also on PCs or Macs equipped with a simple HTML5 web browser.

In most cases, no special investment is required. Except if an organization is particularly keen to do so.


In 2020 and 2021, following the COVID crisis and the rules of social distancing, the use of personal smartphones has become widespread. This use has become popular with trainers and trainees alike. For those without a smartphone, the trainer's "call" mode enables trainees' presence to be confirmed during the course: trainees can then countersign their "attendance token" in the evening or the next day on their personal PC at home, on the PC made available for their job search, at Pôle emploi or, more frequently, by the self-service training organization.