A repository section lets you insert your data: learners, trainers, locations, campuses, companies, sessions, etc. There are several ways of inserting your data: manually adding or modifying data from SoWeSign interfaces; completing an Excel file supplied by SoWeSign; using Google Sheets promotion or session import files; importing training data via API; using a connector between your ERP and SoWeSign.

supervision

Supervision of attendance

A supervision menu enables managers to monitor training absences in real time. Remote control of signatures can be carried out as and when enrolments are made. The solution also allows you to send catch-up requests by e-mail or directly from the start-up of applications, to make up for any omissions, errors or failures.

Online generation of attendance sheets

Online generation of attendance sheets

Attendance sheets can be generated by the administrator at the end of each period. They are available by learner, trainer, session or session.

Signatures on attendance sheets are time-stamped, authentic and unaltered. All signatures and information integrated into the attendance certificate or sign-in sheet are checked by SoWeSign during the PDF creation stage. The original PDF sign-in sheet is signed and secured. A QR Code gives access to the detailed audit trail containing all the information linked to the sign-in.

Attestations are signed using the SoWeSign RGS* server seal.

They trus us

The solution is simple and modern. Thanks to SoWeSign for the success of this project and for their support in our day-to-day work.
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SoWeSign is intuitive, efficient, reliable and highly productive.
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