App Trainer SWS

Trainer app

SoWeSign has developed sign-in applications for all those involved in professional training.

The trainer can communicate a 5-digit code orally, on the blackboard or via online communication tools. Learners enter the code into their application once they have logged on to certify their attendance.

Thanks to the online call functionality, the trainer can authorize learners to sign in via the application. Learners marked present can then sign in at any time.

By displaying the QR Code on the blackboard, by video call or simply by presenting it, the trainer enables learners to certify their presence in training from their "SWS Student" application.

A link enables anyone to sign in via a portal, without the need for a learner code. This solution is recommended only for one-off in-company training courses.

app student SWS

Student application

SoWeSign has developed enrolment applications for all those involved in professional training.

Simple and easy to use, learners simply log on to their application to have full access to all their past and future courses. They can also sign for attendance using a range of different signature methods (rotary QR Code, unique code, signature url, etc.), as well as catch up on their signatures.

The application is available on the GooglePlay and AppStore stores.

Corporate App

Corporate app

SoWeSign is constantly innovating and adapting to the needs of its customers. And it's thanks to them that the corporate application was born. This collaborative effort has resulted in a highly customizable application to suit all corporate training needs.

We developed the "SWS Corporate" application on the basis of our standard application, in order to extend its agility to meet the needs of large companies and other training organizations. It can be used to manage training courses whose schedules or participants are not known in advance of the training date.

Our solution for dematerializing enrolments was designed for and by our key account customers. For several years now, we have been building up our know-how alongside these customers to offer you a tailor-made solution. We have enhanced the solution with our users, and now offer you a unique experience. The "Corporate" application features around a hundred parameters that can be adapted to each context, and which continue to grow with each evolution of the solution.

Online signature portal

Online signature portal

SoWeSign enhances its interfaces and now offers online signing from any device, with no signing application to download!

The learner portal

A portal accessible from any device, so you can indicate your presence without an application!

Learners who don't want to or can't download an application can access a 100% online interface. Pending catch-ups or remote signature requests in progress are displayed before accessing the sign-in for the current training session. They can then sign online if the trainer has authorized them to do so: presence indicated, code communicated, etc.

The signature portal

Designed for short in-company training courses, the signature portal enables learners to sign in when it is not possible to obtain their e-mail addresses, or when it is not feasible to install an application for a one-off training session.

Signature modes available!

Rotary QR code

The QR Code changes every 5 seconds. Learners can flash it from the "SWS Student" application, confirming their attendance in real time. Digital sign-in is ultra-secure!

Unique code

Simple and easy to use, learners simply enter the 5-digit code provided by the trainer to access the signature. From the sign-in application or the web portal, learners can indicate their attendance in just a few clicks!

Signature URL

The signature URL links to a portal that allows participants to sign on all digital media, without the need for an application.

Making the call

The online call mode enables the trainer to manage participants' attendance with just a few clicks, directly in his application.


This mode can be used to send an e-mail to learners who have not been able to sign by other means, who are at a distance or who simply haven't been able to sign.


Bluetooth beacons can be installed in training rooms. Thanks to the application, learners are authorized to sign in from the application as they approach the beacon. This solution ensures that learners are present at the training site.

They trust us

SoWeSign is intuitive, efficient, reliable and highly productive.
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