SoWeSign student

Online attendance sheet for professional training organizations

SoWeSign launched an application for digital enrollment in professional training organizations in 2017.

For over 5 years, the team has been working alongside its prospects and customers to offer you a solution that is 100% adapted to enrolment in professional training.

SoWeSign offers a wide range of functions to suit all types of vocational training: schools and groups, continuing education, CFA, CFA hors-murs, CREPS, Gretas, universities...

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    Developed by and for you

    The SoWeSign solution has been developed for and by SoWeSign's customer and prospective customer training organizations for over 5 years.

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    Customized features

    Depending on your context and habits, SoWeSign offers you a wide range of functions to adapt the solution to your needs. We offer you the option of signing in person or remotely, of using the individual application or signing via other means, and of imposing signature modes according to your requirements and those of your funders.

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    ERP connectors

    Connectors with market-leading ERPs such as SC Form, Ypareo, Hyperplanning, Alcuin, Training Orchestra, ... And 100% integrated solutions with Agate from Axess, YPK from Hop3Team and Alpiasoft.

Two digital sign-in applications

SoWeSign has been developing and evolving its digital enrolment solution in professional training organizations since 2017. For over 5 years, SoWeSign has been working alongside its prospects and customers to offer you a solution that is 100% adapted to enrolment in professional training.

sowesign trainer

SoWeSign Trainer

The sign-in management application

An application and a trainer's sign-in portal. The SWS Trainer application (also available as a web browser) enables trainers to manage their trainees' attendance:

  • View past and future sessions
  • Online call-out
  • Presentation of a rotating QR Code for students to detect via their smartphone
  • Communication of a code for learners to enter
  • Shareable online sign-in link for short courses
  • Sending e-mail for enrolment
  • Catch-up management in case of problems
  • Add unplanned participants during the course
SoWeSign Student

SoWeSign Student

The digital sign-in application for learners

SoWeSign offers a mobile application and a web portal so that students can sign in from any device. The solution enables online enrolment in real time during the session, or off-line for courses without Internet access or the necessary hardware:

  • Session visualization
  • Online sign-up during training sessions
  • Sign-up by e-mail
  • Online signature for catch-up sessions
  • Enrolment on your own or the school's equipment, on any digital medium

An assessment solution dedicated to corporate needs

SoWeSkill provides companies with an effective way of evaluating their employees' training and skills, using the Kirkpatrick method. Using our intuitive platform, companies can design and administer customized assessments that target the key competencies they need to succeed. Using the different levels of the Kirkpatrick method - reaction, learning, behavior and results - our solution enables comprehensive and accurate measurement of the impact of training on employee skills and corporate objectives.

What's more, our system provides detailed analyses of assessment results, enabling companies to identify priority development areas and make informed training decisions.

With SoWeSkill, companies can track the progression of their employees' skills over time, set up customized training programs and ensure that their teams have the skills they need to remain competitive in the marketplace. By integrating our solution into their employee development strategy, companies can maximize their return on investment and guarantee their long-term success.