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Introducing Lingua Institut

Lingua Institut is a training center specializing in language learning for adults.

The center offers a variety of teaching methods (physical, distance, blendinglearning, group or individual courses, workshops, etc.). Since covid-19, 99% of our courses are distance learning. Working mainly with companies to train their employees, our aim is to offer a tailor-made, high-quality solution.

Helena Steinbecher, Managing Director, gives us her views on the solution implemented at the training center.

Choosing SoWeSign

SoWeSign is a turnkey solution, which integrates perfectly with the ManageAll tool dedicated to language OFs. So it was an all-in-one solution.

Covid-19: the trigger

With the switch to 99% distance learning, paper was no longer an option. As training is carried out by the hour rather than by the day, there was a need for a more reliable audit trail. Also, to launch invoicing, it was necessary to retrieve signatures in real time to save time.

SoWesign benefits

SoWeSign saves an immense amount of time in the day-to-day work of managers, trainers and learners. Implementation of both solutions was fairly rapid. There was a 2/3 month transition period, but today it's all about simplifying daily life. Thanks to the audit trail, the solution has even made it possible to detect fraud linked to a trainer.

Feedback from direct users

Learners are directly impacted by the solution. They don't have any particular feedback, they've simply got used to it.

For trainers, there was a generation clash at the beginning. They understood the benefits of the solution, but getting used to it was complicated at first. But once they'd got the hang of it, they were delighted with the solution.

SoWeSign saves time?

The solution saves productivity

  • 40% time saved on administrative tasks
  • 70% time saved on invoicing
  • 250 Lingua Institut customers train their employees