Master the design of training evaluations

In the field of training, setting up satisfaction assessments is a crucial, albeit often time-consuming, step in the quality process.

Creating quality assessments is more than simply listing standard questions. It's a strategic process designed to effectively gauge the satisfaction of your training stakeholders:

  • Writing targeted and captivating questions, adapted to your audience.
  • Eliminating cognitive biases that could distort results.
  • Careful revision of questions, ensuring clarity and relevance.

However, there's no denying that this can be a tedious process. What's more, when you consider that it has to be repeated frequently to assess various stakeholders such as learners, trainers, external stakeholders and partners, it becomes clear that it can quickly become a race against time.


Questionnaires: an essential tool!

Satisfaction questionnaires are an essential tool for assessing the quality of training courses, gathering feedback from learners and stakeholders, and identifying areas for improvement. They also enable us to measure learners' overall satisfaction, their level of understanding and commitment, as well as the effectiveness of the teaching methods used.

Writing quality questionnaires requires a strategic, well-thought-out approach. It is essential to define clear objectives, select the relevant indicators to be evaluated, and design questions that are adapted to both training content and learner profile. In addition, it is advisable to include open-ended questions enabling learners to freely express their opinions and suggestions for improvement.

Today we offer you several types of questions: 

  • Multiple choice
  • Ordered answer
  • Single answer
  • Association question
  • ...

A challenge for Qualiopi!

Drawing up questionnaires is a fundamental step in the certification process for training organizations. This requirement is particularly crucial in the field of vocational training, where the quality of programs and services is closely linked to learner satisfaction and compliance with quality standards set by renowned certification bodies.

As part of Qualiopi certification, for example, the creation of satisfaction questionnaires is an integral part of the quality standards. Since January 1, 2022, Qualiopi certification has been compulsory for training organizations in France. It attests to the quality of training actions and services offered by training organizations, in accordance with the criteria defined by Decree no. 2019-564 of June 6, 2019.