The strict criteria imposed by the Qualiopi assessment bodies call for unfailing rigor and absolute compliance. For this reason, many training organizations seek support, whether through specialized management tools or the support of a Qualiopi consultant.

Despite a resounding success at the initial audit and the coveted award of certification and associated grants, the prospect of a surveillance audit, between 14ᵉ and 22ᵉ months following the first audit, is causing concern. An unfavorable result could jeopardize the whole process.

The Qualiopi certification process is then renewed every 3 years, requiring ongoing commitment and unfailing vigilance. All in all, obtaining or maintaining this certification is a journey fraught with pitfalls, far from being a mere formality.


Faced with this major obstacle, assistance in obtaining Qualiopi certification is essential! Of the 7 criteria assessed, criterion number 7 stands out as the most crucial, but also the most laborious.

Its objective? To ensure that feedback from stakeholders is taken into account effectively and transparently, in order to continuously improve the quality of the services provided.

Behind the generic term "Listening to and taking into account feedback, good or bad", there is in fact a series of essential steps:

  • The creation of quality or satisfaction questionnaires, perfectly aligned with your quality objectives.
  • Distributing surveys to a specific target audience, via the appropriate communication channels, at the right times.
  • Careful data collection and analysis, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Proactive resolution of complaints, with the implementation of corrective solutions.

During the Qualiopi audit, the implementation of a quality management system, proof of the distribution of questionnaires and the presentation of a table showing the resolution and criticality of problems reported by this system are imperative.