All your documents in a single training EDM!

The SoWeSign EDM is dedicated to training. Store, sort and classify all your documents in the same space. Access it from any computer via a web browser!

No need to store all your files, print, scan and photocopy everything. No more filing rooms. SoWeSign dematerializes your training documents and offers you a simple filing system. Use the search bar to find your documents in a matter of moments.

Document security

Your documents are safe

Each document has a secure key deposited in an electronic safe. This process ensures that once a document has been deposited, it cannot be forged. The electronic safe guarantees the time-stamping of the document deposit, and enables all evidence to be preserved in the event of an inspection by the funding bodies or the DIRECCTE.


A training EDM organized by category

To start with, your sign-in sheets and audit trails are automatically associated: with learners, trainers, sessions or sessions. Then add your own documents and associate them as you wish. At the same time, use the global folder for other documents: contracts, agreements, invoices, etc.

Sign your PDFs online

SoWeSign also lets you sign your PDFs online. With a simple tag, they can be associated with the folder of your choice in the EDM. No more time wasted printing, scanning, sending, signing, resending, rescanning... documents. From now on, each signatory receives an e-mail to sign directly online. Once the document has been signed, it is sent to all signatories and then integrated into your DMS!