Proof of training attendance

Historically, funding bodies required an attendance sheet. Since 2017, the word "feuille d'émargement" has been replaced by "attestation d'assiduité". A decree modifies the authorizations linked to emargement for training organizations. It is this decree 2017-382 that opens the door to the digital attendance sheet.

On December 21, 2018, a new decree was published. It refers to the certificate of completion, a standardized document for all vocational training funders. A model certificate of completion is available on the government website.

SoWeSign has adapted it to enable training organizations to generate digital certificates of completion at the end of the cycle. This document, based on trust, serves to streamline exchanges between training organizations and funders.

digital signature

From paper attendance sheets to digital enrolment: how do you manage attendance for your distance learning and face-to-face training courses?

To manage paper attendance sheets, you had to extract the list of learners, trainers, sessions, etc., and print it out. Print it out, pass it around for each course, get the learners to sign it, recover the attendance sheet (sometimes lost), scan it and send it to the funding bodies.

In the event of a problem with the signatures: omission, defect, incorrect signature, one learner's signature sticking out over another's box, etc., it was necessary for the learner to sign the form. In such cases, the learner had to be physically present to sign again.

digital attendance sheets

How does digital sign-in work?

Digital enrolment eliminates all these constraints. Daily exchanges with your training management ERP enable you to retrieve information on learners, trainers, sessions, locations, etc. If your training center doesn't have an ERP, Excel or Google Sheets exchange files supplied by SoWeSign enable you to inject your data.

Learners and trainers then sign in real time from their applications. Catch-up signatures can also be made from these applications. Web portals also enable them to use the solution from any device without requiring installation.