data import

Automatic integration with ERP

SoWeSkill has predefined business connector models for ERP integration with most market players!

Automate IT exchanges between your ERP and SoWeSkill through integration. Above all, facilitate the work of your IT staff, and greatly reduce the number of manual operations that are sources of errors and omissions. SoWeSkill has developed a large number of connectors for ERP integration. 

Standard integration APIs 
First and foremost, our standard SoWeSkill APIs are fully documented and provided free of charge to our customers and software publisher partners. Integration takes just a few days, so don't wait any longer - contact us to discuss your requirements.

data import

Simplify data integration with SoWeSkill: easy import via CSV

A valuable feature of SoWeSkill is the simplified import of your data via flat CSV files. This intuitive feature allows you to quickly and easily transfer your existing data into our platform, whether it's assessment results, learner information or any other relevant dataset.

Once you've uploaded your CSV files, our intelligent software automatically processes them, extracting and organizing the data in a consistent and comprehensible way. This saves you valuable time by avoiding tedious manual data entry, while ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your information.

Our import process is designed to be transparent and efficient, enabling you to start using our evaluation and reporting features as soon as possible. Whether you're working with large or small data sets, our system is robust and flexible to meet your specific needs.

Importing data via flat CSV files is a quick and easy step, allowing you to quickly benefit from all our platform's features for efficient management and analysis of your training data.