About cookies

Browsing on SoWeSign may result in the installation of cookies in the User's browsing software. The cookies used are used to measure the audience, to simplify the visit to the site and to improve the ergonomics of the dialogue.  

They do not enable Users to be identified, but are used to record information relating to their browsing of the site. In accordance with regulations, this installation requires the User's consent and may be refused by the User. The User may refuse the installation of cookies on his/her computer, but such a refusal may prevent access to certain services of the application and JESUISENCOURS may in no way be held responsible.  

SoWeSign uses various cookies in order to improve the services provided to users and the interactivity of the application. 

Cookies are small text files deposited on your terminal (computer, tablet or mobile) sent to your browser by a website to which you connect site. Your web browser manages the cookie: it receives the order to save it and configure it according to your choice; it will send the information back to the site's web server each time you connect. This cookie file can only be read by the sender. 

Types of cookies used by SoWeSign :

Internal cookies necessary for the site to function: 
These cookies enable the site's services to function optimally. You cannot technically block them; 

LANG SWS Language Language chosen by the user Infinity
ORIGIN SWS Navigation Url of the authentication portal used Infinity
REFRESHTOKEN SWS Authentification This cookie allows you to reconnect automatically without having to re-enter your authentication details. 25 days
SERVICEURL SWS Navigation Redirection url sent by the authentication portal Infinity
TOKEN SWS Authentification This cookie is used to store the user's authentication token. 4 hours