The roll-out of the solution
all training organizations

 From January 2020, the Pays de la Loire Region will require all its approved training centers to use the SoWeSign digital sign-off solution. This solution is provided free of charge by the Pays de la Loire Region for all training courses and trainees financed by the Region.

Project background

As part of its digital emargement project, the Pays de la Loire Region launched a call for tenders at the end of 2018. Four main reasons prompted the Region to issue this call for tenders: the large number of OFs funded by the Region involved in training jobseekers, the administrative burden of checking all the sign-in sheets from these training courses, the Region's recent purchasing arrangements per trainee hour completed, and the ESF's recommendation to dematerialize sign-in sheets for all co-funded training courses.

 As part of this project, SoWeSign (formerly JeSuisEnCours) is responsible for :

dematerialized enrolment

Tracking of trainer attendance hours

Automatic calculation of trainee attendance hours at training centers and on the job
Management of trainee and trainer absences and related supporting documents

Administrative tracking of training participant profiles

Storage of supporting documents in the event of an audit

Interfacing with the various planning management tools used by training organizations

Hosting in Saas mode

Training organizations participating in the program